Twitter Tweets Streaming And Processing Using Python – NLP Essentials

While working on a side project, there was a requirement of strengthening the output of a model by comparing the output result of another model which used “Topic Modeling” technique. The statement will look much bewildered as there are very few resources around the web that uses topic modeling for such use cases. Since we were in need of huge data of a particular entity, we planned to make use of twitter streaming API as a data source for obtaining the topics that are available for the given entity.

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Sharing Realtime Data From Shared Services To Any Components Irrespective Of The Relation


This series of article is for the developers who have an idea to develop their first Angular application. Sharing data between the application components are prerequisite knowledge for developing an application. If you have already worked on AngularJS (predecessor of Angular) you would have probably used $broadcast or $emit for sharing data between controllers. Since Angular uses Observable pattern,

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Iterating An Array over Bootstrap Accordion using ngFor(Angular) without jQuery

I was planning for a post with perfect examples that makes use of many angular directives for it’s implementation. Nowadays, using the combination of angular and bootstrap has become common for developing a responsive application. Though ng- bootstrap comes handy in most of the places, the styles are not much easier to play around compared to bootstrap. Below is the sample accordion that uses only bootstrap and angular directives to perform the accordion actions avoiding jQuery library. We will be discussing this accordion implementation briefly on this post.


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Methods of Importing JavaScript File in Angular Applications

Salute Geeks!!

Today we are going to check out the different methods that JavaScript file can be imported in the Angular Application. Since Angular2+ releases are written in Typescript, a superset of JavaScript that compiles down to JavaScript, the way the JS files are imported in the application also have changed.  JavaScript is a popular language known for its abundant libraries available in the market Continue reading


“Dream Come True”- Developing First Enterprise Application As A Frontend Developer

Hi Folks,

This is going to be one among the series of posts that are yet to come later. Like most here, I was even more excited about developing my first Enterprise application as a Frontend Developer. I was waiting for my turn to get into a team of like minds and exhibit my skill together like a fire-spitting dragon. Let’s start to learn something today as you have more posts coming up to know more about me soon.

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